pity tears at you with claws
2003-10-22 22:33:59 ET

2003-10-23 03:01:22 ET

that's pretty interesting... but i guess if you were to include slaves... and communism... and a lot of other forms of control... we'd be down by a long shot on the prison population.. (when someone is standin' there with a gun makin' sure you finish all your work before you can leave... or you will be killed... i'd say that'd probably take the cake)

2003-10-23 05:57:13 ET

Except that, not including the "Pinkerton Enforced Slavery" of the Industrial early 1900s in this country, there isn't much forced labour going on these days. WE were the last big country to practice slavery. And even the "so-called" Communist countries (which are really Millitary Dictatorships, and aren't nearly Communist, or Socialist) as oppressed as we'd like to believe. It's not all the Ice-Mining in Siberia. That was only a VERY SMALL percentage. Person for person, we treat our citizens as poorly as any other country, if not worse.


2003-10-23 06:16:53 ET

yea... it's been quite awhile since i've studied up on this stuff... i just see a lot of almost homeless lookin' people whenever you see any of these other places... i've always wondered why and such... but just strange...
that the media rarely ever shows these places in a nice manner? O_o... so our perception of it... would be slightly maimed... (but have prisoners in jail i don't necessarily think is a bad thing... sometimes people need that)... sometimes we need certain people to have that...

(currently tryin' to get a cousin put in jail... we're all out our drug faze... she's into prostitution... crack... all that other mess.. we wanna get her put away before she just dies...)

and you have to want to go into rehab... cause if you don't... within' 48 hours you can just sign yourself out

2003-10-23 06:34:34 ET

Ok, look... I'm not sure how familiar you are with our "Corrections System" (I say that phrase with TOTAL sarcasm), but it does not try and rehabilitate anyone! We are still following the stupid, puritanical belief of "do something wrong, get punished for it". Three-quaters of inmates are in for "drug related charges", which means, they either should be in some form of rehabilitation instead, or, even better, we need to do something with our foolish drug laws. Every other developed country is smart enough to see it as a "victimless crime". It is only when you add the whole black-market factor, that violence becomes involved. And as for violent criminals, well, I personally think that you lack the empathy to be able to raise your hand to another living thing (let alone another human), there is something mentally/emotionally wrong with you. We do NOTHING when it comes to Treatment. All jails and prisons do is take away people's hope, create concentrated criminality, teach these convicts how to get around the rules, and most importantly, deprive them of MUCH NEEDED social and sociatial skills. We need REFORM not PUNISHMENT. TREATMENT not INCARSERATION. As Ghandi so eloquently said: "An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind!"

(Oh, and as for our treatment compared to that of other countries, well.... Let's just take this one example... True, the president of S. Africa did publicly state that HIV and AIDS had no difinitave connection, and that drugs like AZT probably only "cause" AIDS, not treat it. But, were'nt we the ones who said "Oh, it's only effecting Junkies and Faggots, let's just leave the damned thing alone and let it burn itself out, and eliminate our "undesiarables" at the same time. Look what ended up happening)


2003-10-23 06:37:31 ET

(Oh, and about your cousin, do you really think it's any harder to find drugs in jail, then it is on the streets??)

2003-10-23 06:43:59 ET

yea... you have very good points... i agree... i mean not a whole lot to help... (rehabilitation clinics aren't quite strict enough though to get rid of peoples addictions that wanna keep them)... i do believe in the legalization of weed though...
and you hold a lot of good points... i guess it's just not a lot of stuff that i have focussed on personally... usually i was just lookin' to not get caught... i wasn't really thinkin' anything else about it...

so i'm not one to really fight on this... i was just stating what i've seen personally... (in hopes that i would be enlightened mostly).. cause i really don't know a whole lot about these things... i try to steer clear of most 'political' and 'government' debate... cause i don't know... just don't like politics or government... i think they both are crooked... and to fight for what is right just seems pointless... cause there will never ever be someone that will be able to change that... too many powerful people... one president disagree... or change somethin' they don't want change... 'assasination'... blah... just sucks it usually gets pinned on people that never did anything... like james earl jones... (proven he didn't do it... 2 weeks after he died... on top of that... they never re-opened the case... right after that... it was like it was gone from all public knowledge.. pretty sad)

2003-10-23 06:46:02 ET

(another good point... but it's worth a try i suppose)... we just don't know what to do... cause she's pretty fucked up... it's almost sad to see her

2003-10-23 06:50:49 ET

AHA! The statement I was waiting for. My true "Call to Puropse"... You said "'cause there'll never be someone who will be able to change it", or something very similar. This is my mission in life, to convince people otherwise. One little thing I will say (because I am pressed for time): If everyone thought that "just one person" couldn't make a difference, NO ONE EVER WOULD! ....always try to keep that in mind.... you never know, it could be me, it could be you, it could be the guy down the street. It all depends on who winds up in what situations. But, what doesn't change is, we ALL have the power to make a difference. NEVER FORGET! NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT!


2003-10-23 06:53:14 ET

:-)... tis appreciate it :-)... if you ever wish to enlighten me more on the issues... when you have free time... i'd love to hear more stuff on things... (tis always nice to learn new things)

hope you have nice day..

2003-10-23 11:14:34 ET

Oh my GOD...the tangents that you have put him on. *rolls eyes* I love you Sam...but *covers eyes*

2003-10-23 11:26:07 ET

but what? there is nothing that's "more me" than my ideals and political viewpoints.... =P

2003-10-23 11:51:28 ET

Yes I know...you crazy hippie. FREAK FREAK FREAK FREAK..oh yeah...I killed a Republican for you last night.

2003-10-23 11:53:02 ET

Good! Just keep the sub-human sacricice (::laughs at his own play on words:::) coming, and everything will be alright. ;)

2003-10-23 11:53:35 ET

I am going to mail you her head!

2003-10-23 11:55:28 ET

Oooo! Trophies! Yay! (LOL, but first I have to see you successfully getting a package here!)

2003-10-23 11:56:48 ET

No shit!!!!!

2003-10-23 20:25:04 ET

hahaha (is neither republican or democrat)... the third parties usually have the best ideals... but just sucks cause they never get that many votes

2003-10-23 20:25:30 ET

anyways i believe elections are controlled (meaning our vote really doesn't count)

2003-10-25 10:24:34 ET

I hear that they now have cable television in every cell. ...Or was it satellite or digital cable? *ponders* Maybe that's just Oregon. We're pretty messed up over here sometimes.

If you know anything about Karl Roe or they way people get the popular vote, (introducing or advocating bills to win the vote of a particular group, knowing full well that that particular bill doesn't stand a chance in hell of passing, etc.) then it's really not hard at all to think of politics as very crooked. I used to wonder why someone honest didn't run for president. Now I know that it's because a)they probably wouldn't get enough backing, b) if you stand outside of the republican or democratic parties, then GOOD LUCK MAKING IT INTO THE FINAL RUN. Contrawise, if you stand WITH them, then you have to play their agenda, not yours, and c)If you try to tell the truth to the american people, most of them won't go for it. Because the other guy's 'truth' is much more appealing, and most really don't know the difference. Anyway.

Your points of view are very refreshing, Sam. Any idea WHY we have such a hight prison rate? Or... does that whole 'punishment instead of correction' thing really do it? I'd love to study the legal systems of some other major countries to figure out why they do it... GAA!! I tell you what, if I could just learn stuff for the next 10... 20 years, I'd be pretty happy. Not as happy as I would be training dolphins though. ^_^v

2003-10-25 11:15:16 ET

The reason it's so high is yes, because of the "punishment instead of rehabilitation", as well as the fact that we have more silly laws, coupled with the fact that prisions are BIG BUISNESS!


2003-10-25 13:39:16 ET

Aparently. The suck up a lot of money too. Tax money, or so I hear.

2003-10-31 20:33:29 ET

2003-10-31 20:49:56 ET

hehe, that one was always great. i even use it for a background sometimes...

2003-10-31 20:50:29 ET

that is my favorite piece of art. Ever.

2003-10-31 20:52:36 ET

this one is really good, too.

2003-10-31 21:02:02 ET


2003-11-01 12:25:56 ET

Aye... I have that STFU one up in my room. ^^d

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