to eliminate all confusion
2003-10-23 11:51:15 ET

just to eliminate all confusion, i have not (nor will i probably ever) cut my hair off. I've been asked that, several times now, and i thought i might just address the issue to put to rest any doubt or confusion that may have arisin. I pull my hair back, occassionally. Usually for work, when i really need my hair out of my face, or when it's just too hot to have it down. This seems to be the root of most of the confusion.

Me with a ponytail, people's exibit one.


2003-10-23 11:52:16 ET

Hahahahahahahahahaha *points at you and laughs*

2003-10-23 11:54:30 ET

hmph! and i was very nice to you about your pictures.... =(

2003-10-23 11:57:34 ET

But you look so much better with your hair down. Yup yup yup!!!!! *takes your hair out of the pony tail...drools*

2003-10-23 12:03:09 ET

well no shit i do... but potential employers don't seem to think so. and my computer and my cooking and things like that don't enjoy my hair in it. and my hair doesn't like to be in things like my engine or in whatever i'm cleaning. so sometimes it's NESSICARY to pull it back, or i wouldn't. but hell, lol, that applies to wearing clothes, as well...

2003-10-23 12:14:01 ET

Hahahahahahaha..a.FREAK FREAK FREAK. HIPPIE *points and laughes*

2003-10-23 12:22:38 ET

::clears throat::: how many times do i have to correct this?? it's Beatnik... Beatnik... say it with me....

2003-10-23 12:28:53 ET

a bit radical for you, but i think youd look rather good with all of your hair shaved off. :x

2003-10-23 13:58:24 ET

ehm, i look a little too `psychopathic' with it all shaved off. like a "space monkey", lol. heh, not to mention, i'm kinda like Samson with my hair.

2003-10-23 14:06:45 ET

but youd be a good-looking, shorn samson! the long hair also suits that beatnik style of yours :)

2003-10-23 14:09:27 ET

You're cute either way. Yep yep.

2003-10-23 14:18:52 ET


2003-10-23 16:44:34 ET

ahhhh nice =)

2003-10-25 09:58:16 ET

hahahaha! your hair grows funny....either that or you are balding funny...i hope for my wifes sake its not the latter.

2003-10-25 10:01:41 ET

Um, it's called a Widow's Peak. (and in European "old-wives tales", it was a sign of high intelligence.) but thank you for your concideration and polite comment, anyway.

2003-10-25 10:03:03 ET

your hair would be so cute if you cut it short.

-random opinion

2003-10-25 10:05:33 ET

Um, no... because it's curly, it looks quite terrible short, more like an afro.

2003-10-25 10:09:19 ET

yes. short hair=bad when curly. plus if you cut it then when it grows out it looks *super* goofy. and mickey. yes but you an *extreme* widow peak. on one side. in this [picture]. :)

2003-10-25 10:10:56 ET

so my hair's not exactly perfectly straightly pulled back... jeez... i had been out running errands all day before i took it. the sun and the wind does kind of put things out of place...

2003-10-25 10:18:17 ET

thank god we dont live in the 1800s and we can straighten hair

2003-10-25 11:16:38 ET

I wouldn't EVER destroy my "Mane" like that. I baby it the best I can.

2003-10-25 14:17:34 ET

Rawr...*breaks up cat fight* Dear Sam...wifey poo isn't being bitchy she is merely stating a fact that she felt needed to be stated...CHILL OUT.

2003-10-25 17:22:19 ET

my dearest, i hardly need to chill out. i am a zen master. i am a calm little center of the world.

Worker bees can leave.
even drones fly away.
The Queen is their slave.

2003-10-25 17:27:08 ET

*rolls eyes*

2003-10-26 18:08:06 ET

i was just making fun. my hair looks like shit most of the time. i was just stating a fact. so there *thbbbbbbbtttttt*

2003-10-26 22:04:40 ET

your sexy no matter what

2003-10-26 23:52:37 ET

and i was just playing devil's advocate... all in good fun... =P

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