Gratuitous Long Hair Shot
2003-10-25 10:08:10 ET

Since I got laughed at for the pony tail, by all of you wonderful people....


2003-10-25 10:28:08 ET

But you're so PRETTY with your hair down!!! In a boy way. ...Do I REALLY have to keep saying that? -.O

2003-10-25 11:17:43 ET

Don't worry, I'm not one of those homophobes who gets all uncomfortable if you say i'm pretty. I take it as a compliment, as anyone should.

2003-10-25 11:30:29 ET

I didn't laugh at the ponytail shot :P But having the mane down definitely suits you, dearling.

2003-10-25 11:31:46 ET

Yes, `tis very suiting of this Leo.

2003-10-25 11:33:12 ET


2003-10-25 13:55:25 ET

... I also like the what being a Leo does for your image.

2003-10-25 13:57:35 ET

Leo's are definitely.. fascinating creatures.

2003-10-25 14:10:01 ET

I, personally, think that you have beautiful hair

2003-10-25 14:20:01 ET

I don't know much about them. When I hear Leo, the main trait that I then associate is confidence. Deep, deep confidence. That's about it though.

2003-10-25 14:20:47 ET

Yeah...I laughed...and I am going to laugh at your picture with your hair down!!! *points and laughs* I laugh out of love Sam! I really do!

2003-10-25 16:42:24 ET

Confident, passionate, dramatic, etc.

2003-10-25 17:00:59 ET

Yeah, and narassitic, arrogant, snobby, rude...the list can go on good or bad. But me wuvs Sam!

2003-10-25 17:05:03 ET

Well, I am one of the most humble people you can meet, and I don't have an arrogant or snobish bone in my body. I'm empathic and compassionate to a fault.

2003-10-25 19:49:55 ET

they can go either way. Only two of my ex's were leos.. and they were both a blend of the compassionate, empathic, and passionate.. and the arrogant, condescending and snobbish.
It really depends on the person.

2003-10-25 20:06:23 ET

You're humble. This is magnificent. However, I pose a question to you: have you figured out how to be humble while still being confident without being cocky or bullheaded? (Tricky mix, that)

2003-10-25 20:07:39 ET

Tough question.. I think it has a lot to do with being confident about who you are as a person, but not believing yourself to be "above" everyone else.

2003-10-25 20:13:52 ET

Heyyyyeeee now THERE are some wise words! *applauds quietly*

2003-10-25 23:39:28 ET

My chart is quite complex, as well... Like, just for starters, I have as Leo Sun/ Pisces moon/ Virgo rising. I have like no earth....


2003-10-26 06:38:13 ET

Ha! I'm Aquarius Sun/Pisces Moon/Virgo rising. Weirdness. :P

I have almost no fire or earth in my chart.. I think I just have Leo Saturn and Capricorn mars. All the rest is air and water.

2003-10-26 11:10:27 ET

...This intrigues me. Such as... where do I get this 'chart' and what does it all mean?

2003-10-26 13:01:03 ET

There are many sites online where you can get your Astrological Chart mapped out. It tells you which planets were in which position at the time of your birth, and what that says about your personality.

2003-10-26 13:10:21 ET

Ahhhh but do they cost money?

2003-10-26 13:12:34 ET

Some do. I'll see if I can find a free one for you.

2003-10-26 13:14:08 ET

2003-10-26 13:18:23 ET

Wow.... thank you, Syb!! ^_^

2003-10-26 13:19:17 ET

no worries.

2003-10-26 13:27:28 ET

Wow WHAT A PAGE!! *bedazzled*

*gazes further* I have no idea what any of this means.

2003-10-26 13:30:37 ET

Wowee wow wow WOW!! *like a kid in a candy store, I tell you what*

2003-10-26 23:53:26 ET is pretty neat...

2003-10-27 06:58:27 ET

It is.. you can find some veryvery cool stuff on there.

2003-10-27 21:53:26 ET

I'm really loving my profile right now... when I get more time, I'm sure I'll spend it doing tons of reading.

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