a poem for the evening
2003-10-31 15:41:22 ET

wasted flesh and wasted breath

another hallow's eve wasted alone.
another night of tear-stained sheets.
another night of wondering when you will eat again.
another verse of wasted breath.

another thousand holes torn into my already tattered soul.
another set of deaf ears my hopeless pleas fall apon.
another night with the barrel of a gun in my mouth.
another verse of wasted breath.

wasted flesh stretched over weary bones.
wasted breath inside a caving chest.

a pool of blood pouring out of my forever silenced mouth.


2003-10-31 17:49:21 ET

ooh i like

2003-10-31 17:59:04 ET

try living it

2003-10-31 19:36:02 ET


2003-11-07 12:33:54 ET

..So you know why I didn't read this right off? Sometimes, it's just too hard for me to make myself read very sad and cynical poetry. Does this mean that this poem is not very well written and laid out and very powerful? Certainly not.

I respect the poetic heart that beats down south of your beautiful hair. ^^ *love*

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