ear candy
2003-10-31 19:26:30 ET

current music: red-angel dragnet by the clash

2003-10-31 19:32:21 ET

You see, this is the problem. You are too cultured for me, and I cannot keep up. *sigh* Oh sure, I'm cute and insightful and analytical, but when you people talk about your books and your music and your drinks and your famous people, I am lost. *shakes head sadly*

Do you know... these "I Love The 80's" shows are proving to be like educational documentaries for me. They take all of these hazy memories that I have and turn them into... well... stuff to konw. And then I realise how much (ohhh I can't spell -_-) reference is made to things from the 80's in every day conversation. Educational, I tell you.

2003-10-31 19:39:10 ET

I just particularly like red-angel dragnet because it quotes the movie taxi driver. lol

2003-10-31 19:45:21 ET

...taxi driver?

You SEE? You SEE how I am uncultured? ... what sort of music is it? *curious*

2003-10-31 19:50:33 ET

um.... The Clash is.. just The Clash, i guess.... there one famous (though not nessicarily typical of their music) song was `should i stay or should i go'.... and if you haven't seen taxi driver, get to the video store tonight!

2003-10-31 20:00:47 ET

Um... I'm not exactly properly dressed, but I will look into it. Will you pester me needlessly abou it? *requests*

2003-10-31 20:19:52 ET

yes, i'll go to timecave and just have it e-mail you a reminder in a day, then three, then a week; hell, maybe just everyday... lol

2003-10-31 20:22:31 ET

grrr.. it will only let me do it to myself... go set up a free account and pester yourself, lol

2003-10-31 20:22:59 ET

the clash are my favorite band. :)

2003-10-31 20:30:29 ET

kick ass, they are definatly talented.

2003-10-31 20:32:06 ET

I think my favorite song is Spanish Bombs, though.

2003-10-31 20:45:38 ET

i don't know if i could pick a favorite. (a favorite anything, for that matter. heh. i think i might be, maybe, perhaps a bit ambivalent. i can't decide)

2003-11-01 12:48:44 ET

My email doesn't work at home. ;_;

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