A little explanation
2003-11-07 20:30:48 ET

Ok, many (well, probably just a handful) of you have heard me speak very negativly about my enviornment and location. A little piece of insight, not only have I ALWAYS lived no more than 15 mins from Palm Beach (where the Trump and Kennedy estates are, and all the rest of the SUPER elite... A minature, costal Beverly Hills), but here's a little tidbit to clue you in on what this place does to people.

Remember, or heard of Charles Whitman? The Texas Bell-Tower Sniper? Well, boys and girls, he lived right here in my current location, Lake Worth, Florida (heh, still less than 15 mins away from Palm Beach)

Are things starting to fall into place now? lol


2003-11-07 20:33:19 ET

*smiles softly*

'nuff said.

2003-11-07 20:34:31 ET

:-) yea i've heard little things about it here and there... i don't think i could stand to live around there... i'm pretty anti-looks... so those sort of things bother me slightly

2003-11-07 20:39:19 ET

I live in the Phx area and it looks a lot like Florida, so I feel your pain. At least you have a beach.

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