2003-11-08 18:36:08 ET

yeah, i seemed to have forgotten to stress the main point. they let ME have door-opening tools... and they're trusting ME to be the one to go and rescue someone in the middle of the night. "we cook your food, we drive your cars, we gaurd you while you sleep"


2003-11-08 18:41:18 ET

Now, you make it sound as though you weren't the trustworthy sort. :)

2003-11-08 19:19:06 ET

I was going to say that one must have a large amount of trust in one's employees when one's business is breaking into cars... ^^'

2003-11-08 22:56:11 ET

Ah, so you took the job.
Congrats, sweety.
I hope that works out for you.

2003-11-09 00:40:01 ET


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