2003-11-09 13:47:28 ET

is it a bad thing to teach a 3yr old to say "never trust Whitey?" and if so, why? she's so danm cute saying it, lol.

2003-11-09 13:48:00 ET

oh, that's precious.

2003-11-09 13:50:24 ET

heh, i taught her to say "fight the power", too.

2003-11-09 13:52:11 ET

I hope she says that in public, now.

2003-11-09 13:58:30 ET

me too. i would have taught her to say "damn the man", but i don't think `child services' would like that very much, and right now her mom's recieving aid.... plus, she will be starting school in a few years. i have to teach her things that she can say and still shake things up without overtly breaking the rules.

2003-11-09 14:02:47 ET

Good plan! Wait until she's in highschool before you teach her the more controversial catchphrases.

2003-11-09 14:03:00 ET

naw, my husband taught my best friend's son to say "fuck". Not on purpose, she kept bragging about how well he could talk. So he said to him "Seth, say fuck." Seth was maybe 6 months old. The kid started saying "fuck, fuck, fuck". over and over. It did no damage, he all grown up now and about to graduate from college, and we all laugh about it to this day.

2003-11-09 14:17:43 ET

well, my sisters were smoking "egyptian ciggaretes" (as they called them, lol) in the car taking me to the circus when i was like 3 or 4 when i all of a sudden spoke up saying: "my head feels funny"... and i turned out perfectly normal heh, well, mostly. lol, they also said that i was the happiest kid there, hehehehehe.

2003-11-09 14:19:04 ET

perfectly normal, hmmm?? *grin*

2003-11-09 14:20:22 ET

LOL, that's funny.

2003-11-09 14:22:30 ET

ok, ok... so a little `better' than normal, but who's counting? lol

"look at the Dutch.. they speak 4 languages and smoke marijuana..." -Eddie Izzard

2003-11-09 14:28:10 ET

exactly! :D

A friend of mine smoked the green (in small quantities) throughout her pregnancy to alleviate morning sickness, anxiety etc.. and she has the most laid-back, creative child I've ever met. bright little girl too.

2003-11-09 14:31:10 ET

...i've know mothers that the doctors know they smoked and 'unofficually' recommended it for just that purpose. and the greatest benifit, they all had rather good labours. (now stop and think that one of the leading causes of emotional and mental disorders such as autism<sp?> can arise out of traumatic labour. now if you're a more laid-back and less stressed baby, it seems far more likely that the birthing would be far less traumatic. but hey, then again, i think logically.

2003-11-09 14:32:25 ET

Well, if we're on the topic of logic, could someone explain to me why it is illegal, while all forms of alcohol and cigarettes laced with arsenic and tar are legal?

2003-11-09 14:35:54 ET

oh, that's simple. alcohol and ciggarettes doesn't threaten the paper, textile, pharmacutical, and petrolium industries... not to mention, all of the money lost in government jail funding, and payroll cuts for pigs because of less storming 'gustappo-style' into people's domiciles. and to top it all off with eliminating a source of bribes for the polititions, it's more profitable to keep it illegal.

2003-11-09 14:36:38 ET

Tobacco lobby.

2003-11-09 14:40:19 ET

*just shakes her head*
rather like it's been possible to put electric and other low-polluting cars on the market 15, 20 yrs ago, but that wouldn't have been a lucrative business stance for various oil/gas/misc companies.

I'm sure there are also readily available cures for cancer and the like, but that wouldn't make as much money for the pharmaceutical companies.


2003-11-09 14:43:11 ET

oh, i forgot to mention one small little point. smoking pot makes you stop and question things. what "stoned observations" really are is seeing the world for the first time, all over again. it makes you think. the governmnet, and the status quo doesn't want people to think. then they would realize that the real fight isn't black against white, or judeo-christian against muslim, or capitalist against communist. if people stop and think, they see what the real issue is. we are all the slaves of rome, outnumbering our oppressors. if people wake up and think, they might challenge the 'balannce of power'.

as the old saying goes "free your mind and your ass will follow"


2003-11-09 14:43:44 ET

You know, you're probably right.

2003-11-09 14:44:05 ET

oh no, they don't look for cures, only treatment of symptoms. if you cure someone, you take away your source of income.

2003-11-09 14:47:47 ET

that's one thing that frustrates me to no end with both the general medical and the psychiatric professions; rarely will anyone actually try to delve into the -root- of someone's illness, they'll just baby the symptoms with various pills.

2003-11-09 14:53:21 ET

well, as i so frequently like to say, this country puts the 'harm' in pHARMacy... lol

2003-11-09 14:58:13 ET


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