ok then, on to different things
2003-11-09 15:30:41 ET

well, my joke/trivia seemed to be not well-recieved, so i thought i'd go back to spouting off useless information....

Did you know:

There are 12 solar-flare cycles, which mutate the developing zygote in 12 different manners, directly correlating to 12 different sun-signs of the Zodiac. interesting, huh?

2003-11-09 15:31:35 ET

Did you know it's impossible to fold any sized piece of paper in half more than 7 times?

2003-11-09 15:34:09 ET

You speak a different language, Sam my man... different and wonderful.

Did you know that wolves howls don't echo? Neither does the quack of a duck.

2003-11-09 15:38:33 ET

Strange stuff, goin around here =P

2003-11-09 15:40:54 ET

heh. it flocks to me like animals to st. francis, or republicans to an exploitable populace. lol

2003-11-09 15:42:19 ET


2003-11-09 16:02:48 ET


2003-11-09 17:54:11 ET


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