ok, since no one got it
2003-11-09 16:02:21 ET

Knock, Knock"

"Who's there?"


"Fishboy who?"

"Tiny f***ed a stump"

-House of 1000 Corpses

2003-11-09 16:04:09 ET


I haven't seen that yet.

2003-11-09 16:05:31 ET


yeah thats awesome

easter eggs

2003-11-09 16:10:52 ET

"i'm the one who brings the christmas candy. tell me, who's your daddy? i'm the one who brings the devils brandy. who's your daddy?..... ....i'm the one who loves you when you're fuckin' dead!"

2003-11-09 17:07:07 ET

THAT would be why I didn't recognise it!

2003-11-09 17:19:32 ET

Sam... is that a real scary movie, or just gross?

2003-11-09 17:20:44 ET

its not that scary

well i dunno it all depends what kind of person you are

some people are scarred of halloween the movie or like chucky(chuckie?)

2003-11-09 17:23:50 ET

Chukie is just stupid.

2003-11-09 17:24:52 ET

it's not scary... it's just the really sick and twisted humor of Rob Zombie posing as a horror movie.... lol

2003-11-09 17:26:37 ET


but its not that sick depending on what you've seen

ichi the killer

now thats sick ... and digusting and i don't ever want to see it

2003-11-10 08:38:04 ET

OMG. Hehehehehehehehehehehehe I still laugh that you and I went round and around the other day saying that.

I love that movie. *Has sex with DVD* OHHH YEAH.

2003-11-11 02:13:56 ET

Hehehehehehehe! I bought it pre-veiwed for 12 bucks for a reward to myself for getting this new job....

2003-11-11 02:20:50 ET

havent talked to you in a while so i thought id stop in and poke you.

heh. :P

2003-11-11 18:29:06 ET

well, it's `bout danm time! :::blows razberry:::

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