still alive. sometimes, at least.
2003-12-14 01:27:09 ET

Sleep it all away;
Lose myself in dark oblivion;
Hoping to find myself, once again
In your arms.


2003-12-14 02:05:27 ET

those four simple lines took my breath away! :) <3

2003-12-14 07:22:51 ET


and i love that picture of you

2003-12-14 07:55:39 ET

See I told you that picture would look great black and white. Sorry for the way I have been acting. I am just uber stressed, and every little thing is bothering me. I still love you dear!

2003-12-27 00:58:15 ET

I an quite flattered and honored at the positive responce towards something created while in such a dark place. quite glad to know i can still create effectivly, even in the worst times. heh, maybe better in the worst times....


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