...you may say that i'm a dreamer....
2003-12-27 01:13:34 ET

hell, how long do projections say it would take for a virus to spread around the globe? 72hrs? 96hrs? we're talking quick...

.... and infection happens, one person at a time....

....so can change....

....with the forms of instant communication, all over the globe, that we have set up, 'awakening' could spread that fast; could sweep the globe as fast as a virus; not just an epedemic, a pandemic: of 'awakening', of higher-consciousness....

(or maybe i'm just out of my gourd, who knows?)


2003-12-27 01:17:34 ET

Nice horns.

2003-12-27 01:22:21 ET

why thank you. and the photo is unedited, i assure you. i just have a really beautiful skull hanging on the wall...

2003-12-27 01:24:46 ET

hahaha lovely

2003-12-27 01:28:25 ET


2003-12-30 14:35:08 ET

'awareness'... I don't know about that. If more people were ready, wouldn't more people awaken to bigin with?

2003-12-30 18:44:45 ET

lets just say that it took well over 1000 years for the teachings of wise men like Gotama Buddha or Jesus or even Mohammed got published... over 1000 years, closer to probably 1500.. it took someone traveling quite a good portion of the globe to amass any kind of esoteric knowledge.. now, when it can spread so quickly, we are FAR more prone to spontanius awakenings...

2003-12-31 10:02:02 ET

Ahhh now I see what you mean. Come to think of it, such is the way that it happened to me. It's remarkably easy to access just about any information that you want today (and especially in the US).

I'd never thought of it as such a gift before. Thank you. ^^

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