..gently weeps...
2003-12-29 22:39:37 ET

"I don't know how you were diverted,
Someone perverted you.
I don't know how you were inverted,
No one alerted you..."

sometimes one is overwhelmed by the total isolation that is the human condition. even in the company of others, you are forever alone (perhaps one could argue that is true, besides times of 'mob mentality', or the 'mentally divergent, who feel they are 'not alone'). it is in those times, when one is filled with melancholy, that beauty becomes simply a slap in the face, a cruel joke; that even spiritual rapture seems like only a wish-fantasy. it's times like these when one's sick humor is all that fuels the ability to carry on.

ask me if i believe in god, and my answer at the moment would have to be: no, but i don't think god believes in me, much, either...

"...and your making me feel like i've never been born...."

ah, fuck it....


2003-12-29 22:42:51 ET

those boxers look like they are slowly slipping south

but no worries we dont mind;)

2003-12-29 22:45:06 ET

heh, a 'freudian' could see quite the projection there. lol

2003-12-29 22:46:26 ET


2003-12-29 22:46:51 ET

damn, you're quite skinny.. and oh-so-hot
and we all have bad days/weeks/months/years.
feel better.

2003-12-29 22:54:05 ET

awww... Sam, I hope things turn out for the better in your part of the world.

<3 I'm always just a click away

2003-12-30 07:47:08 ET

Things always get worse when you want them to be better. Don't hope for things...just let them happen. <3

2003-12-30 10:08:30 ET


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