the old switch-a-roo
2004-01-07 22:07:27 ET


What would you do if I told you I love you?
Would you cast me away like all the rest?
Or would you take my hand
And let me lead you into sweet oblivion,
Shower you in love,
Fill your soul with the warmth of affection,
Take you away and make you mine.
Please let me carry you off,
To an enchanted castle where we can be together,
Live happily ever after,
Let me be your noble prince
Your knight in shining armor.

2004-01-07 22:09:16 ET


interesting to think of things from the knight's perspective rather than that of the fair damsel.

2004-01-07 22:13:06 ET

....quite a load to carry, heh...

2004-01-07 22:17:33 ET

I can't imagine.

*hugs gently*

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