...it's been a long time coming....
2004-03-09 07:16:22 ET

....well everyone, i must announce my expulsion from my current domicile.... i am packing everything up by friday, and are going to be on the move, probably to North Carolina (at least for a while). I am not sure how my internet connections will be, but anyone who wants to get in touch with me, can reach me at taliesin@bellsouth.net (for now) and if all else fails, i have hotmail at ProphetSamuel@hotmail.com and Yahoo mail at sam_the_enchanter@yahoo.com ....hopefully i'll be able to post again before friday, but after then, not sure when i can really get back on. i shall miss everyone. those who are special to me know how i feel about them, so i need not go into any 'mushyness', suffice to say that they remember my feelings shall never change. you shall all be in my thoughts, and please keep me in your prayers.


2004-03-09 07:17:43 ET

I hope the place you're moving to brings you more happiness than this place did, sweetie. Gods only know you could use it.

2004-03-09 07:20:57 ET

My dear Sam!!! I appologize for getting offline so quick last night...I was terribly sleepy. I wish you luck...and if all else fails...I am in Texas

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