2004-03-24 06:18:52 ET

Got Evicted and Relocated to NC very suddenly. Settled in, for at least a month.

You can get a hold of me at:
Samuel Safran
5005 B Tower Rd.
Greensboro, NC

Just looking for work, and resting after the strain of moving... fun, fun, fun...


2004-03-24 07:23:43 ET

Best of luck on the new place, luv.

2004-03-24 08:05:04 ET

Glad to see you post again!

2004-04-18 15:15:04 ET

Good luck! My 'rents are relocating to NC at the end of this month. They have a house in the mountains somewhere. =)

2004-04-29 12:22:05 ET

Thanks for all the 'well-wishing'....


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