A Farewell to my Best Friend
2004-07-30 21:45:57 ET

Requiem for Aleister

The moon is full and Sirius has risen, the ‘Dog-Days’ are upon us. The sun has just entered into Leo, the Sign of my birth, the Sign you came to me under. All positive sighs, a “good omen”, for a wonderful Passing.

My heart is heavy and my soul aches. The best friend I’ve ever had is leaving this life. Though I knew he would breach the ‘Great Void’ before me, I always thought we would have more time than this.

Your weight on my lap, your demands for attention, your grumpiness, your ‘Hedonistic-Gluttony”, your troublemaking, and most of all your unconditional love will be missed more than I could ever put into words.

I am thankful for our time together (7 years, a Magick number for a Magickal cat), thankful for the pest companion one could ever ask for., thankful you could show your love and showing you know how loved you really are.

All my love to you, my Son, my Guardian, my “Bud”, my Aleister, my baby boy. I love you more than I thought would ever be possible. Know this: my love, like yours, is eternal.

Fare thee well my Sweet Prince. Know that you will be missed and never forgotten. All my Love, my Life, to thee!


May the peace and love of the Dharma bless you, keep you, and lead you to Enlightenment.



2004-07-30 21:57:57 ET

what a rockin cat... mine was badass but it pooped too much in spots that didnt make sense and one day too many piles stepped in by the family and the cat had to go.

that was my best friend for 5 years.. now who knows

2004-07-30 22:11:04 ET

im so sorry.
it looks just like my cat, i had to put him asleep a few weeks ago.

2004-07-30 22:58:02 ET

awwww i'm sorry about both your losses. it sux to lose a pet.

2004-07-31 03:11:48 ET

*hugs* i know how awful it feels to lose a pet your that close to but just know he's in a better place now

2004-08-06 10:24:46 ET


2004-10-08 11:31:33 ET

what a beautiful cat. reminds me of my roommate's cat myrrh. there's something about black cats that make them more special--normally it takes me a while to warm up to cats but myrrh's got my heart already. *hugs*

2004-10-09 00:35:13 ET

Why thank you! I do agree, he was the most gorgeous son a father could ever ask for.

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