Update to the Requiem
2004-08-07 14:26:35 ET

It has been almost a week since Aleister has been put down. In the past week, he has been up to his same old tricks that he was known for when alive.

More times than I can count, have there been a flash of those eyes from a black heap somewhere around the appartment.

Before becoming sick a few weeks back, one of his favorite tricks was to lay in/on something all black and become almost invisable when he closed his eyes, and quite a shock to the system when you saw them open from out of (what you before thought was) nowhere.

Also, he was my own personal "Black Hole"... In typical feline form, he would instinctivly know what you would need before you did, and proceed to lay down on it, making it unfindable...

Let's just say, not only does he hide things now, but he seems to enjoy being invisable so you can't look for what you've lost by finding the cat and checking under him.

He also had an afffinity for hunting, especially birds (he was known to come home with ALL KINDS of animals, usually still alive, baffeling everyone because he has been declawed both front and back, since he was 6 months old... Once, he even came home with a three foot Iguana in his mouth, back in Florida)

Well, we hung a bird feeder outside our window, (having seen birds in the trees all around) several days before Aleister passed. We have not seen one bird actually feeding from it, though several have been seen FRANTICLY trying to fly away from it. We think he's either sitting on the roof or on a branch, stalking them.

There are also several other odd little coincidences, but you get the picture. Had it just been myself having these experiances, I would chalk it all up to 7 years of sentementality making me see my departed friend in almost EVERYTHING around me. (Similar to how one see's the object of your immence love in practivly everything after having your heart broken) This has not been the case, however. There have been far too many people that have witnessed his 'post-mortem antics'.

What really confirms everything in my mind, is the day he was put down. Not only was he seen and felt innumerable times that night, reminding us he's still around, but what I FELT at the vet's is what convinces me. As he was 'fading' after the shot of Pentobarbitol, I could feel his body pass, and yet, his 'Presence' did not fade in the slightest. It stayed with me, as if he was trotting behind me as he so loved to do, throughout the funural, burial, and the rest of the day. It has lessened somewhat in the proceeding days, but more becoming aloof again, back to his old ways before getting sick, than of "leaving" or "fading out"... He's still as much around, just not all the time now. He goes and has his fun too, knowing that we are surviving without him (always being the over-protective one).

New pictures of his last week will be scanned and posted in the near future.

Thanks so much for all of the sympathy and condolances, it has meant alot. He truly touched everyone who ever knew him.

"...You may say that I'm a dreamer. Well, I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us. And the world will live as one..."

We shall love you forever, and your Enlightened ways and lessons will never be forgotten, our little 'feline-guru'.


2004-08-07 15:56:35 ET

I'm sorry he had to be put down, luv.. but quite often, they do stick around for quite a while.
When our Gwydion was put down, the same thing happened that you mentioned, r.e. his 'presence' didn't fade in the least.. and he seemed to revel in the fact that he could knock all our stuff off the shelves and pitch things out of the sink now without us being able to retaliate by squirting him in the ass with the watergun.

*hugs gently*

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