A month witrhout my best friend
2004-09-13 18:21:02 ET

I find myself here, a month later, as devistated as when it all first occured. I miss your silent comfort, the solace of your soft fur and warm body in my lap, chasing away my hot and jagged sobbing. You were the one that kept me going, the best source of relief i have ever known. No love has ever been as unconditional and absolute as yours. No lament ever as painful as the loss of the one True Friend. You were my guide, my savior. I don't know how long I can continue without you.


2004-09-13 19:38:08 ET

:-( *hugs*

2004-10-08 12:08:12 ET

that was so heartfelt:( im sorry *hugs*

2004-10-09 00:34:12 ET

Thank you

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