2005-04-11 16:38:18 ET

....With all the traumas in my life at the moment, I'm debating weather or not to keep this account going. No one seems to show much interest in my ramblings, and most of those who seemed to care have left SK already....

....it just get's a little DRAINING to pour out your soul with no one even batting an eye in your direction...... I was invited here to Make friends, and it seems that it's really not happening, that you have to HAVE friends to get anyone to look at your page. Having none, It's only making it more obvious how pathetic I am writing these things with no one ever reading them.

I end with a poem. If there is anyone who would like me to stay, PLEASE let me know you're out there, that I'm not totally alone.

Attempt at Reconciliation Between Hopeless Romanticism and Cynasism

Feel the Heart which once beat in time with mine, and had such glorious love, turn to stone.

Reeling in Ghastly Horror as you witness the compassion and tenderness - that used to to be the greatest solice of your days and what life worth living - turn to cruelty, indifference and abuse.

Oh, how the starving in my Soul consumes me.
My feelings of Abandonment and Betrayal so great.


2005-04-11 16:59:52 ET

i always read your updates, i just never know what to say. usually things seem to be written in such a personal way that i worry that if i comment to them i'll degrade them, and i'd never want to do that.

2005-04-11 17:45:20 ET

NO! Please do comment! I share myself to this soul-less screen for lack of any person to turn to. I am living a slow death from starvation of conversation, companionship, and simple human contact/interaction.

2005-04-12 01:58:07 ET

you can always talk to me =)

i don't know if it'll be very interesting, but i'll try not to bore you to death

2005-04-14 14:12:00 ET

i've been feeling the same about sk as of late. debating closing my acct as well.

2005-04-26 08:06:01 ET

I always love people to talk to!! Conversation to me is more important than sex!

2005-04-26 08:06:25 ET

Why are you concidering it too? Same reasons?

2005-04-26 09:40:23 ET

conversation is ALWAYS more important than sex.

same reasons. the people on sk used to take interest in other people's posts, and i'd almost always have some new random person commenting on my page and i on theirs. that doesn't hardly happen now. heck even the welcome wagon for newbies has dropped down to almost nothing compared to what it once was.

2005-04-26 09:57:35 ET

Yes, unfortunatly, it's not a very "communal" community anymore, is it?

2005-04-26 09:58:29 ET

nope. if you type in catchy one-liners they'll possibly read and respond. beyond that, forget it!

2005-04-26 10:03:34 ET

Yes, our problem then seems to be that of being articulate. Sad.

2005-04-26 11:19:13 ET

quite sad.

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