Are you??
2005-06-27 14:22:53 ET

...glad I'm not...

2005-06-27 15:44:36 ET


2005-06-27 16:50:13 ET

great, huh?

2005-07-17 10:14:15 ET

me too

2005-07-17 10:23:39 ET

that's always good!

2005-07-17 11:16:47 ET

It's a pity your page downloads so slowly on my machine.

Quite buaetiful. All the same, it puts my off.
I will however return.

2005-07-17 12:19:17 ET


2005-07-17 12:21:02 ET

There are alot of images on your front page
it takes like 5 minutes over my dial up connection
before I can read it

2005-07-17 13:16:39 ET

Ahhhh! Yes, that would be quite troublesome (especially since ALL my posts are on ONE page). I suppose I just forget that not everyone has Broadband, these days.

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