Creeping Past the Dead
2005-07-16 18:37:35 ET

2005-07-16 19:07:15 ET

hehe this picture made me smile

2005-07-16 19:43:32 ET

I like how you have red eye is only one eye.

2005-07-17 08:35:05 ET

Thank you... I thouvht it came out quite interestingly.... hehe

2005-07-17 14:09:27 ET

...What's with the fire-colored streak behind you in these grave pictures? You have a friend who's smoking or something?

2005-07-17 14:12:24 ET

No. Again, that is an unexplained phenomena that occured in ALL of the pictures. The lights in the background were STATIONARY, and the pictures are in FOCUS indicating the CAMERA was STATIONARY. Why the light-posts in the background would show up as moving, is a mystery to all of us there....

OH! And in this picture, the light trail was in a place where there was NO light sources in the background!!! Very odd!!

2005-07-17 17:24:13 ET

You know what...I actually agree. that other picture, were we talking about the recurring light, the white-blue light, or both?

2005-07-17 19:00:00 ET

The redish lights are from the street-lights (well, except when they show up in the middle of nowhere, like in this one)... the whitish light has NO physical explanation....

2005-07-18 10:24:19 ET

I've never seen anything like it, except for in the previously mentioned lense obstruction. ...That's not saying much, though. I'm not exactly a supernatural investigator.

2005-07-18 12:01:37 ET

Oh, I could go into some of the 'Paranormal Jargon' I've learned in my studies, but I prefer to keep things as simple and sucsinct as possible.

2005-07-18 20:21:45 ET

...I like simple and sucsinct. Because I can have a short attention span. ^^'

2005-07-19 08:16:26 ET

Ah yes... the wonders of the "ADD Generation", LOL!

2005-07-19 09:14:50 ET

Well hey, man, if you can put something in front of me that really interests me, I focus to the unending (so to speak) exclusion of all else!

2005-07-19 09:26:31 ET

Yes, over-focusing is another symptom of ADD.. LOL!

2005-07-21 09:21:52 ET

Awww...;_; *hangs head in defeat*

2005-07-24 15:17:35 ET


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