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2005-07-18 12:25:47 ET

Godamn Bloody, Bloody, Bleeding Cocksucker! Bollocks! Bollocks! Bollocks!

Ok, now I'm sure that it's pretty well known that I am a pacifist. But, I have found, that there are scenarios where even GAHNDI would have beaten someone skull in with a large rubber DILDO!!!

One of the forementioned scenario is sadistic, and systematic murder of the bloody idiot cunts who developed "Pre-Employment Personality Tests". I just answered over Four-Fucking-Hundred of these questions! Two tests... One "True / False", the other was "Agree / Disagree / Undecided"...

Now, it would be bad enough having to answer over 400 bloody questions, but to make things worse, the tests were the same just in different formats. ...and of course, it's always the same 25 questions, worded slightely differently, repeated over and over and over and over..... ...untill you just want to rip someone's bollocks off.....

Yes, and one other small little thing, it got a bit too personal for me there at times. I mean, it didn't ask "How often do you masturbate" or "Are you 'Living In Sin'.." or anything like that, but it did get a little too personal with questions on health, relegion/spirituality, and my childhood/relationship with my parents.... I'm sorry, I don't think it's any fucking business of a employer weather or not my parents encouraged or praised me as a kid, or if i thought about running away, or if I believe in God, or if I was a healthy kid... I mean, I'm sorry, but the only one who should be asking me about "pre-existing medical conditions" should be my doctor, and my insurance company, PERIOD!

How would an employer react if you walked into an interview and right off the bat asked: "So, ever had 'The Clap'?" or "Are you bad and neglect your ageing parents?".... Maybe they just might piss me off enough to try it someday... I'll let you know how it goes, as soon as someone posts my bail, LOL!

2005-07-18 12:40:28 ET

I'm of the impression all an employer should be concerned with is your employment history and qualifications.

And how you smell.

2005-07-18 12:46:16 ET

Yes, smell is quite important! LOL! Especially in the service industries... Odd how people seem to forget that! Yuck!

2005-07-18 12:53:43 ET

yeah, the personality tests are total bullshit, especially if you know how they work, why they ask essentially the same questions over and over, etc.

With enough knowledge, you can fool them into providing the results the employer expects, and this will happen over time if they pick up popularity.

2005-07-18 12:57:01 ET

Yes, they're obviously all rigged, and can be easily fooled. It's the total and utter lack of tact and logic in their questions that frustrates me....

2005-07-18 13:54:26 ET

I hate raeding a long list of obscure programming languages I'm supposed to have 5+ years of experience in.

Come on, nobody has all that experience.

I just figure these questions are convenient excuses if they don't want to hire you.

2005-07-18 14:41:30 ET

Yeah, with me, if they need an excuse, they can just use my hair...

2005-07-18 17:11:38 ET


2005-07-19 08:11:47 ET

lol, or they could always pull a pop drug test on me, hehe. Without warning for preperation, you'd find stems and seeds floating in my Urine... and probably a Roach or two... lol! (Now don't you just feel all safe and secure about your healthcare providers!! LOL!!!)

2005-07-19 08:47:39 ET

roaches don't stand I chance in my home.

2005-07-19 08:54:31 ET

Yeah, they ususlly get smoked pretty quick, here, too....

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