...and how would it make YOU feel?!? LOL
2005-07-20 09:39:26 ET

Hi, my name's Sam... I'll be your Nursing Assistant...

Please, let ME help you into your weelchair.


(of course, I'll probably not be wearing black... but my hair will be up like it is now, though, and I'll be shaved like I am...)

oh, yeah, and the facilities probably won't let my smoke pot or drink on the job.... bastards...


2005-07-20 10:09:11 ET

these picture/entry put the biggest smile on my face

2005-07-20 10:12:19 ET

hehehe... I'm glad... the process occuring in the picture put one on mine, LOL!

2005-07-20 10:16:03 ET

haha i thought that little bear (i think its a bear?) on the lamp behind you was your hand at first and i was like what in the hell is he doing

2005-07-20 10:16:56 ET

Yep, it's a masked and caped bear, climbing the lamp... lol

2005-07-20 10:41:43 ET

haha only you

2005-07-20 11:43:21 ET

You can always smoke pot and drink on the job!

2005-07-21 05:08:05 ET

Hehehehe! That's what I say!!

2005-07-22 17:22:56 ET

Aww you look devilishly handsome

2005-07-22 17:24:29 ET

i 2nd that

2005-07-24 15:18:18 ET

:::Blushes VERY deeply:::: I am quite incredibly flattered!!

2005-07-24 16:32:15 ET

I speak the truth

2005-07-26 12:03:27 ET

I'm still flattered... =P

2005-07-26 12:08:02 ET

he'll never take a compliment =P

2005-07-26 12:09:51 ET

What can I say... I grew up in S. Florida... I'm not USED to them!!!

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