New Kitty!!!
2005-07-26 12:28:07 ET

2005-07-26 13:03:23 ET

yay, kitty! ♥

2005-07-26 13:18:50 ET

aww he's so cute!!!

2005-07-26 15:41:06 ET

hehe, isn't he, though?

2005-07-26 21:17:59 ET



2005-07-27 11:26:37 ET

lol, allergic?

2005-07-27 11:29:55 ET

indeed, but i LOVE cats!

2005-07-28 06:23:57 ET

Awwww.... I'm sory... I've known MANY people like that, heh.

2005-07-28 15:58:42 ET

The allergy didn't hit me till i was 15, stayed with a friend who owned 12 inside, and lord knows how many outside!! It was bad :(

2005-07-31 01:25:52 ET

Ewwww... I can only imagine!

2005-08-13 22:05:28 ET

looks like such a happy kitty <3

sorry... i have too much free time, and i spend a good chunk on the internet. the kitten pictures caught me.

2005-08-13 22:24:58 ET

Don't be sorry!! I have too much free time, as well, plus I LOVE visitors!!! Don't get enough of them!!

...and yeah, Horus is usually a VERY happy kitty...

2005-08-13 23:02:52 ET

^_^ of course the other pictures almost caught me up too

2005-08-13 23:15:05 ET

which other pictures?

2005-08-13 23:20:34 ET

the ones just a bit after the kitty ones. er one.. the body shot.. nice one.

2005-08-13 23:30:00 ET

::Blushes::: Thank you... I'm QUITE flattered!!

2005-08-13 23:32:54 ET

i love making boys blush <3

2005-08-13 23:46:10 ET

Well, it's easy to do, with me... I got used to hearing the exact OPPOSITE my whole life.

2005-08-14 15:37:44 ET

same here. its been several years now, but i dont think ill ever get used to it

2005-08-15 08:49:05 ET

...Well, it's been a more recent occurance for me, i think... but yeah, i don't know if i will ever get used to things not being that way, either...

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