count-down... ugh!
2005-08-15 15:41:28 ET

Two more foul days untill the dreaded annual date arrives. That will make twenty-four years trapped in this bloody purgatory! Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks!! Can't I just skip it??

2005-08-15 16:02:49 ET

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just skip things that we don't want to go through?

Life would be so much better

2005-08-15 16:19:07 ET

I'm skipping old age as far as I know it.

Once things I like start to deteriorate, I'm just going to kill myself.

Theres no use living if I can't function enough to do things.

2005-08-15 16:22:35 ET

yea i feel that i will struggle with that too. the day i am too old and decrepid to play a guitar will be the day that i shoot myself

2005-08-15 18:49:23 ET

Yes, I've always known I'd go by my own hand, rather than let illness or old-age take me. As for me, though, I'll stick with a nice intraveinous injection of hard drugs, to go out peacefully on... just float away....

2005-08-16 13:47:21 ET

:) sounds good.

2005-08-16 14:14:44 ET

Yes... tonight or tommorow looks good...

2005-08-16 14:17:42 ET

no killing yourself just yet.
I'm making that rule.

2005-08-16 14:20:59 ET

....i'm sorry...

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