2005-08-16 04:27:04 ET

Well, the foul count-down progresses. One day left untill the foul day is at hand. Someone just shoot me now, please.

2005-08-16 09:35:18 ET

The day that a wonderful person like you cam into this world should be celebrated not dreaded.

2005-08-16 11:30:02 ET

:::Blushes very deeply::::: Oh, if only more people felt the way you did! If that was the case, I would't be looking at spending my birthday alone, depressed, wanting to snuff it....

2005-08-16 13:56:33 ET

even though I don't know you that well, from what I do know I second her statement.

2005-08-16 14:15:36 ET

Again, I'm flattered, but I don't deserve it....

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