2005-08-16 19:58:25 ET

Ok, what the fuck?? I'm talking to someone I met online, and she says she has to call me if I want to continue talking because it's storming and she's afraid of storms so has to go hind under the covers. Ok, weird, but sure.....

So we're talking, and hitting it off, and the friendship seems to be developing nicely, and i happen to mention ONE TINY LITTLE FUCKING THING about smoking pot, and the next thing I know: Dead line.... So, thinking we might have just got disconnected, I call back. No answer. I leave a message. No return call. I wait 5 mins (thinking she could have gotten a call in the intrem and that's why she hasn't called back) and call again, still nothing. Obviously avoiding my call.

Ok, to stop talking to someone JUST because they smoke pot is fucked up enough... but to actually hang up on someone and avoid their calls, rather than just voicing your issue, now that is MAJORLY not cool!

I mean, if you have a problem with me, let me know. Just don't fucking dissapear and then avoid me!!! At least have the nerve to say "Hey, I really don't agree with how you live, I don't think this friendship is going to work...."

Grrrrr... Like i wasn't in a bad enough fucking mood because of my birthday!!! Now I'm feeling even MORE alone and rejected!

Why do people have to suck so much!?!?!

2005-08-16 20:22:28 ET

I don't know

but I someone comfronted me about pot
there would be blood
and that's not so good either

OK I'd just stare at my shoe and say OK
but at the least
I would be disappointed at their misplaced judgement

2005-08-16 20:35:17 ET

....When confronted about it, I usually just whip out the old "Logic" and compare it to the things we allow to be LEGAL in this society. When you take a look at all of that, Pot ceases to look so bad, from ANYONE'S point of view.

2005-08-17 05:47:54 ET

A lot of people just really, really suck. It's sad, but hey.. all we can try to do is be better people to compensate for their asshole-ishness.

2005-08-17 12:58:55 ET

sounds to me like she wasn't worth being friends with anyway

2005-08-17 13:14:18 ET

<---<BR> what pink said

2005-08-17 17:53:56 ET

yes... well, it seems that MOST people fall into that catagory.... and that really doesn't help with the lonliness and isolation factor. i have like NO friends up here. sure, people suck, if they can't accept me it's their loss, etc.. but i suffer as well, with a lack of any sort of companionship.

2005-08-17 17:54:34 ET

Where are you living now?
There aren't ANY people of like mind there?

2005-08-17 17:57:46 ET

Greensboro, North Carolina. ...and no, none that I've found. well, ok, one, but there was more than just platonic feelings there, and things kind of got too serious too quickly for her, and she flaked out on me (was the last one to break my heart, that I previously refered to).

2005-08-17 18:55:29 ET

how about moving perhaps?

2005-08-17 19:31:54 ET

meh, I'll be stopping trying to give advice now.

new reply: people who do that are lame. They don't even deserve the frustration they cause. : /

2005-08-17 21:29:12 ET

I just moved from 'The Plastic Wasteland' (aka: Florida) a little over a year ago, moving both out of necessity and to escape that awful state. ...and now, moving really isn't something I have the means for (not that I did then, mind you, but an oppertunity arose that I doubt will happen again). So, yeah, the moving thing really isn't a viable solution.

2005-08-17 21:58:06 ET

*mouth drops*

I can't believe it....

now..i am not a pot smoker....but 90% of the ppl i know do..and i am talking ppl i NEVER in a million years would think they would know what it is..let alone smoke it. dude, her mom prolly smokes...haha

*shakes head*

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