Happy Fucking Birthday To Me!!
2005-08-17 20:04:29 ET

Well, I'm at my sisters right now. She lives all of 10 mins away from me. I came over because she called and said her and my nephews wanted to do the cake thing. I left home about 10:30, at the latest.

What took so long is I got into a fucking car accident on the way over. Fuck!

Now a totaled car and $125 ticket later, here I sit. What a fucking birthday surprise. (Which justy paying the TICKET uses up all of my birthday money!!!) I think I really am cursed!

I should have just stayed in bed the whole day! Now you all see why I hate my birthday so much, this is just typical!!

2005-08-17 20:18:12 ET


2005-08-17 20:27:41 ET

perhaps i can help you out...you know as a birthday gift

2005-08-17 21:22:44 ET


....and as for helping, message me about that so i can consideratly and gratiously decline "in person", heh. =P

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