sore as hell
2005-08-18 14:19:30 ET

Well, I'm sore as hell from being jarred like I was from the crash, but feeling rather lucky that's all that happened. With how fast and hard he hit the driver's side, if he would have hit any further down on the body and not just clipped my nose, I would have two broken legs, at least, if not a fractured pelvis.

Well, at least if I was going to take out another car, I picked a good one: a fairly recent model Beamer, heh.

2005-08-18 14:25:32 ET

is the perpetrater going to pay?
by means of not only money?

2005-08-18 14:29:01 ET

Well, we both were ticketed.

2005-08-18 14:30:32 ET

eek, why so?

2005-08-18 14:46:05 ET

Well, we were both at fault, and by sheer default of the situation (I was pulling out of a gas station and crossing traffic) the accident was deemed my fault on the police report.

2005-08-18 14:55:17 ET

i'm sorry.
If it makes you feel any better I hit some bloke's car really hard because I thought I was in reverse backing out of a driveway.

2005-08-18 17:32:33 ET

hello ^_^

2005-08-19 08:27:40 ET

lol, that sucks...

...and hi....

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