oh boy
2005-08-19 19:10:49 ET

i get to work a catering shift that will last at least 11 hours, while i'm still sore from my accident. I NEED the money, but I didn't think all of this was going to go down when I said yes to it a week ago. Ugh! ...and this means waking up early too.... this has not been a good week....

ok, enough of my bitching for now....

On another note, I just finished Joseph Conrad's 'The Secret Sharer' and (Which was quite good) and have started on 'Heart of Darkness' (Which has two movies based on it. Both one of the same name, and Apocolypse Now!... ...for those of you who have never heard of it).

Taking a small hiatus from my Metaphysical/Non-Fiction reading, and PKD just wasn't cutting it - don't get me wrong, I LOVE Dick's writing, but my favorites are a little 'too close to home', i suppose, and a bit too much like my 'Studies'.


2005-08-19 19:16:33 ET

I loved 'Heart of Darkness' but it was so very sloooooww. i found myself wanting to read more because of the story, but with every few pages i looked to see how long before it was finally over.. (and it was short!)

it was a love-hate thing but love came out in the end.

2005-08-19 21:08:22 ET

Well, yes, I read in the introduction that he was quite wordy and verbose in that piece, on purpose. I've noticed that. It's like when I read 'Of Human Bondage', Maughm did the same thing - had the ability to make it feel like they packed like three pages of writing onto one page. A great literary talent, actually. Just, yes, can be tedious at times... though, some of the hardest reads are some of the best.... Dostoyevski<sp?> comes to mind as an archtype in that respect, heh.

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