2005-08-20 00:05:10 ET


error processing "SLEEP". [a]bort, [r]etry, [i]gnore

2005-08-20 00:36:58 ET

that is so incredibly cute. but sad.

2005-08-20 08:04:22 ET

bahahaha, aww...

2005-08-20 20:30:15 ET

Thank you!

2005-08-20 22:34:13 ET


2005-08-21 00:06:24 ET

Well, it's supposed to be < >s around the letters, not [ ], but it screwes up on here if I do that. With the < > is how it used to show up at the old DOS Prompt. hehe

2005-08-21 01:37:17 ET

looked about right to me.. but i meant (retry?)

2005-08-21 05:26:18 ET


2005-08-21 18:16:58 ET

very much after the fact now but i was saying maybe you should retry. it says.. abort, retry, ignore... i was suggesting you retry the whole sleep thing.

2005-08-21 19:00:07 ET

ahh... yeah, as with it was back with DOS, [r]etry hardly ever works, lol.

2005-08-21 19:10:38 ET

heh. i know what you mean..

2005-08-21 19:15:52 ET


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