oh what a night
2005-08-20 21:30:07 ET

ugh... just got home from an 11 hour catering shift... my sister was late picking me up.... and I really wanted to do something or go somewhere, but I don't have anyone to hang out with, or anywhere to go... let alone a way to get there.....

fuck, and I even brought home like 2 dozen rozes, greenery, and baby's breath, thinking that I could get ahold of one of the two "sporatic-friends" that I have around here, to be used as a token of my appriceation and affection..... but, of course, no one wants to hang out (hell, one of the two hasn't answered my calls for like two months - Bethann, for those of you who know the story.)

no one around here care's about me.... even my sister was being a bitch and totally unsympathetic..... i mean, like i'm not suffering enough having to bust my ass for 11 hours after getting into a wreck a few days earlier, and totally stressed and upset about it.... i to be made to feel like a leper, or something, too!?!

Is simple companionship, simple friendship, that much to ask?!?

2005-08-20 22:37:10 ET

not at all too much to ask..

2005-08-21 00:06:43 ET

I'm glad SOMEONE agrees!

2005-08-21 05:07:37 ET

Not much to ask at all. I ask the same in life, but some people are too selfish and egocentric to even think of someone else's feelings for once. Atleast, that's my experience!

2005-08-21 05:27:10 ET

Yes, I would whole-heartedly agree with that!

2005-08-21 13:22:28 ET

I'd do it without you asking... which is pretty much what's happening. :D

2005-08-21 19:00:51 ET

Awww... =)

2005-08-21 19:09:51 ET

free friendship right here.

2005-08-21 19:21:35 ET

You guys are really too good to me.... why can't there be people like that around HERE?!?!

2005-08-21 19:28:30 ET

there are. its just hard to see them through the forest of idiots and assholes standing in the way. there are assholes everywhere, but there are also the good ones everywhere too.

2005-08-21 19:56:13 ET

Well, if there around here, I don't seem to be finding them (well, without them either moving shortly afterwards, or scetching out on me after a week)

2005-08-21 19:58:15 ET

its fucking hard, i know. just keep trying, never completely give up on people!!! ^_^
we do exist, i swear.

2005-08-21 20:07:37 ET

Then wear bells around your neck, or something... LOL

2005-08-21 20:10:35 ET

^_^ like a cat. mrrow.

2005-08-22 20:47:45 ET

My nickname was kitten. >^.^< <BR>
I wear a jewel that reflects in the sun.

2005-08-22 21:33:30 ET

what was the last one supposed to be? just a mistake? lol

2005-08-22 21:55:02 ET


2005-08-22 22:09:12 ET


2005-08-23 16:50:33 ET

yeah, oops.


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