missing everyone!
2005-09-07 01:04:16 ET

I'm missing everyone, and feeling bad for being such a Flake latley. It's just who I am, though... The harder I TRY to change it, the harder something inside revolts.

Doesn't help that I'm all out of my ADD meds for the month - but, at least i know rent is covered, heh... and (hopefully) electrisity, too... not quite sure where I'm going to come up with the money for my traffic ticket, but I'll work that out somehow.. It's amazing, but I always do, one way or another.

I haven't been feeling well, either. My stomach has been quite bad (only a few small steps away from it was when it sent me to the ER a few months ago), and my back and kneck have been KILLING me. I've been practically living on Somas (muscle relaxers)...

Hope all of you are doing well, and not upset over my absence. I have been a HEEL to everyone, not just a few specific people, so no one should feel it was personal.

Hope to start making the transition to being a normal person again, and hence talking to you all soon! I really do miss everyone, terribly!!

"I want a new drug
One that won't make me sick
One that won't make me crash my car
Or make me feel three feet thick...

....I want a new drug
One that won't go away
One that won't keep me up all night
One that won't make me sleep all day..."

2005-09-07 03:20:07 ET

see!! so there *are* people who care about you, and you about them. :P
feel better. hope you get your meds again soon. *hugg*

2005-09-07 13:17:46 ET

we miss you too ;)

2005-09-07 14:59:56 ET

i want a new drug, simply called "happy"
but until then i will indulge in the one called "numb"

2005-09-08 13:12:51 ET

tip: don't take exstacy in hope for a temporary happiness.

tand there is already a "numb" drug... vicoden : )

2005-09-08 21:09:47 ET

No, jusdt take mdma for REALLY good sex, lol! (or for neuro-psychological/spiritaul purposes) ...and I prefer dilaudid to vicodin, lol. Actually, just got some opium not too long ago.. haven't had any of that in FOREVER! yay!

2005-09-10 07:43:49 ET

grrr. lucky.

2005-09-10 18:13:47 ET

I'm sorry.... I would have shared, if I could....

2005-09-10 18:19:37 ET

gah, angering distance... I wish I could just be on my way and leave everything when I want to go somewhere like the east coast or what not.

2005-09-10 18:42:34 ET

Yes, I know... Distance is a terribly depressing thing!

2005-09-11 20:33:49 ET


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