sometimes life is just so ironic it knocks you on your ass
2005-09-09 20:01:33 ET

Well, if life wasn't strange enough as it is, I just found out definatively that one of my ex-girlfriends was recruited by the government and is going into either the NSA or CIA when she gets her degree. ...and she was one of the most HUMANITARIAN of all the girls I dated, at least when we were togeather! Now she is practically joining the Gustappo<sp?>, Christ!!'s very disheartening to watch everyone around you lose their social commitment.

...heh, imaginge if I would have ended up marrying this girl... lol, could any of you begin to imagine what it would be like for me to be that close to someone in the NSA? hehehehe, I bet that I would be the reason she failed all of her background checks. =P

2005-09-11 11:26:56 ET

Two of my very close friends have contracted with the NSA in the past and present - not all of it is bad.

2005-09-11 11:43:24 ET

Bullshit!! You must not know your history very well, then. Our "Black Government" is worse than the SS and the KGQ combined!!!

What was it? Over 10,000 Women and Children dead because of the CIA's backing of Noriagia in Panama?!?! Oh yeah, not bad at all!!!

2005-09-11 11:52:13 ET

100,000 + iraq

2005-09-11 12:25:04 ET


2005-09-11 13:00:12 ET

Civilian Casualities

2005-09-11 13:39:29 ET

Try more like, as a conservative estimate, over 100K CHILDRED died of ILLNESS between the first Gulf War and this one, DIRECTLY due to OUR distruction of their infestructure, mostly there ability to recieve power, CLEAN water, and proper SANITATION!

2005-09-11 14:13:05 ET

I know its conservative
I just didn't want to back up my claim

I wish I could get my job back with the Navy
but I left under consious objection
and now those beliefs have solidfied
and I know I can not go back
not unless US policy changed significantly
but even under democratic control
medicine factories have been bomb in africa

2005-09-11 14:38:31 ET

Why in the hell would you EVER want to be a BABY KILLER?!?!?

2005-09-12 04:18:14 ET

CIA is a different agency than the NSA. Whatever dude.

2005-09-12 12:33:27 ET

Yeah, in a LOT of ways it's worse...

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