Endless Night
2005-09-10 03:28:02 ET

"Realms of Bliss,
Realms of Light,
Some are born to Sweet Delight,
Some are born to Sweet Delight,
And some are born to the Endless Night.
End of the night
End of the night"

2005-09-10 07:48:06 ET

I am too jealous.

whenever I used to write it was during a certain time in my life, so now whenever I even think of writing those memories come out and make me miserable.

meh, hell. If I even read poetry I think of then.

what the fuck.. : /

2005-09-10 18:14:39 ET

...I'm sorry... You can always talk to me, if you need to!

2005-09-10 18:21:58 ET

will do, will do.

i'm just being a sad little girl today.

2005-09-10 18:42:56 ET

Well, be a happy little girl, for me!

2005-09-10 19:08:23 ET

only if it would strike some happiness in you.

2005-09-10 19:45:13 ET

....Ah, don't I wish that it would...

2005-09-10 19:47:09 ET


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