Three Articulations on 'Love at First Sight':
2005-09-12 02:01:58 ET

(written `01, compiled `05)

I long to feel her flesh beneath my lips.
The softness of her skin,
Brushing against my cheek.
My heart pounds in my chest whenever she is near.
My head spins,
I all but swoon.
She fills me with such incredible passion.
Her kiss is what I dream about.
One caress from her is worth my Life,
Though she does not even know my name....


The world stops spinning and you feel your Heart throb
You feel her skin as well as you do your own,
You feel THROUGH her skin.
You want to scream, laugh, sob - all at the same time.
Knowing with every fiber of being of your being,
That you were made for her Embrace.
The longing - the ahce in your soul -
Becomes unbearable.
A night in her arms is worth a lifetime.
Everything inside of you calls out to her - screams her name.
All this from a meeting of the eyes and a smile,
Or the simple casual brush of her hand across your flesh.


I see her angelic face across the smoke-filled room,
Alit with laughter - everything brightened by the radiance of her Smile.
The contrast of her Light and the Darkness of my soul making my Isolation all the me

2005-09-12 02:26:07 ET

the first one is my favorite ^_^

2005-09-12 03:13:44 ET

Thank you, but it's supposed to be taken as a whole...

2005-09-12 04:45:27 ET

its hard to take them as a whole when they are all written so differently. but i can see them fitting together as well

2005-09-12 06:27:16 ET


2005-09-12 12:37:05 ET

thank you...

2005-09-12 13:40:02 ET

<3 you're welcome

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