an old philosophical argument of mine brought back to light...
2005-09-13 17:07:17 ET

Ok, I guess first would come somewhat of a confession:

:::Stands up::: My name's Sam, and I'm a Recovering-Catholic.

LOL, yep, I was raised Roman Catholic, and was the best damned alter boy my church had ever seen. All the priests wanted me to be lead altar boy during there mass, even over boys MUCH older. In fact, they were all trying to groom me for joining Seminary School when I grew up.

(and no, you pervs, they didn't "try" anything. only a very, very small percent of society are pedophiles)

..anyway, I was always having intellectual conversations about philosophy and theology with the priests from a very young age. Anyway, here is one agrument I always used to make that would make even the most stead-fast priests concede defeat:

"If there REALLY is a 'Divine Plan', then of course those who are SUPPOSED to be born are the one's that happen to be in the minority and wind up as fertilized eggs.... ..and since no form of birth control is totally effective (except elective sterilization)then wouldn't logic dictate that those same DIVINELY INTENDED people be the ones who slipped through the "gaps" in the effectiveness of Birth Control?"

...anyone have a thought? heh

2005-09-13 17:21:08 ET

Heh. I'm a recovering Catholic too.
Never really believed in any of it, I don't think.. I was baptised at age 7 so I could go to the local Catholic school.

2005-09-13 17:23:31 ET

I am speechless except for a small and cheesy "you got 'em there."

2005-09-13 17:29:45 ET

I actually still have fleeting thoughts of joining the Seminary, but that's just to get some small chance at the Vatican Library, LOL!

2005-09-13 17:34:33 ET

Is there good things in there?

2005-09-13 17:39:42 ET

There are supposedly ancient texts hidden away so the general populace can't find them.

2005-09-13 17:43:54 ET


wow, I feel oblivious sometimes.

2005-09-14 04:53:56 ET

The roman empire never truly fell- it just changed, and became the roman catholic church. Never lost power, just changed its methods of control and manipulation.
Vatican city is right near where the ancient roman senate was. Even the habit of kissing the pope's ring is the same as kissing the emperor's ring to show allegiance.


2005-09-14 08:13:40 ET

lucky bastard.

2005-09-14 09:01:51 ET

I'm just envious of the hat.

That's a HAT.

2005-09-14 14:21:19 ET

.....I'd be Pope, if it was old-syle Pope, with all the debauchery, not this new "sanitized" papalsy, lol. where's the fun in that?

Hell, I'd do it anyway, I guess... Just to finally fufill Aleister Crowey's (and my own) dream - Making the Vatican Library into a PUBLIC Library!

2005-09-14 14:24:27 ET

HAHA. Can you imagine?
People actually being allowed to learn what's being held in there? Pele would sooner start spewing pepsi from her maw.

2005-09-14 19:45:11 ET

that's madness I tell you. madness.

2005-09-15 01:30:38 ET

no comments as of now. just watching O_O

2005-09-17 12:26:01 ET

Hell, if people knew ALL the secrets locked up there, we'd probably have global 'mass illuminations' and 'mass suicides', lol.

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