More Mushrooms and Figure Modeling.. heheh
2005-09-20 17:32:35 ET

2005-09-20 17:34:02 ET

i love the last one!

2005-09-20 17:36:01 ET

Thank you! I think the clutter in the background looks SO much better photoshoped! LOL! It looks Etheral, instead of 'Batchlor-like' hehehe!

2005-09-20 17:42:36 ET

I like the first one.
the way the blurs are continuous with the lines of your body.

2005-09-20 17:43:09 ET

but the pose in the second is better.

2005-09-20 17:44:15 ET

your welcome

2005-09-20 17:46:09 ET

Yes, but the first one was done that way as to slightly show off my neck..

2005-09-20 18:01:19 ET

oooh, so that's why I like it better..

2005-09-20 18:08:41 ET


2005-09-22 08:58:04 ET

*laughs* another interesting one.. or ones. O.o

2005-09-22 09:10:23 ET

Why thank you!

2005-09-22 16:23:54 ET

those are truly wondeful! *applauds*

2005-09-22 19:27:16 ET

Thank you! I am flattered, once again!

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