More fun with Photoshop
2005-09-22 08:54:37 ET

Ok, this is becoming quite addicting, now... LOL

2005-09-22 08:56:15 ET

thats... interesting

2005-09-22 08:56:47 ET

either you've gotta stop posting these... or I've gotta block you... cause I compulsively click on new updates....

no offense hehe

2005-09-22 09:07:20 ET


2005-09-22 09:11:56 ET

Interesting? How so?

Thank you for the compliment...

As for posting these, well, do you close your eyes every time you pass a model of Michalangelo's 'David'? ...and these aren't even NEARLY as revealing.... jeez...

2005-09-22 09:14:19 ET

haha... i clicked your page and up popped full nudity, minus one lil piece.. haha.. the most important piece at that!

2005-09-22 09:30:17 ET

nah it's just surprising is all. I don't really mind i guess

not that it should matter =p

2005-09-22 09:36:16 ET

Well, I'll just be posting links now, anyway... You did make me remember there are more people out there that aren't even half as polite or tolerant as you, not to mention we do have some children on here, LOL!

2005-09-22 10:11:03 ET

hah well, theres nothing pronographic I mean, these are all tasteful, if a little revealing but you're probably right...

also having my bandwidth assasinated bugs me WAY more than seeing you 90% naked =p

2005-09-22 10:35:35 ET

Yes, well, my page does have QUITE the bit of graphics to load, if one doesn't have them recently cached, lol. Though, at least I try to keep the file size down as much as possible...

2005-09-22 11:16:59 ET

so beautiful i love it

2005-09-22 11:50:34 ET

at least its not crack!

2005-09-22 12:53:36 ET

Flattered you enjoy!

and lol, no.. no crack here... hehe

2005-09-22 14:02:08 ET

ooooh, backs have to be among the highest ranking body parts on my list.

2005-09-22 14:05:14 ET

Ooo! Really?

2005-09-22 14:07:56 ET


2005-09-25 12:19:57 ET

wow haha i come on here and i see you naked body on teh screen.

first word uttered out of my mouth: what the fuck

2005-09-29 12:31:32 ET

As for posting these, well, do you close your eyes every time you pass a model of Michalangelo's 'David'?<-- You just got away with comparing yourself to Michalangelo's 'David'! Bloody brilliant!<BR>

2005-09-29 12:36:33 ET

Thank you. A great piece of rhetoric, huh? lol

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