Tipper Gore, go screw yourself!
2005-09-22 09:37:23 ET

Alright, a comprimise. I Personally feel that Art is Art is Art, but for the children, the more prudish and/or faint of heart, I will just post links to any further piece of me that is even the SLIGHTEST bit revealing.

So, if you don't want to see, don't click the links! This is the best I'll do.


(This happens to have the best effects, if I do say so myself... lol)


2005-09-22 11:17:51 ET

the arch of you back looks very cat like...how interesting :)

2005-09-22 12:54:01 ET

That was the desired effect... YaY!

2005-09-22 13:20:23 ET

you did a very good job

2005-09-22 13:28:12 ET

Why thank you!!

2005-09-22 13:29:42 ET

welcome =)

2005-09-22 16:24:58 ET

again, i love it. it has a sureal affect of reality...if that made sense at all...

2005-09-22 19:27:41 ET

It does, and I feel truely complimented. Thank you!

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