A few 'Inspired' pieces - from my last 'Trancendental Experience'.
2005-09-23 17:50:10 ET

The time has come for Ants and Locusts
But also for the Rising of the Phoenix,
And the Reign of the 'Fiery Lion'.
The 'Sleeping Serpent's stirs
In restless slumber.
For it's 'Infinite and Eternal' Ascent.


I am without my 'Arms' to do my 'Bidding',
Without 'Eyes' with which to 'See'.

Ah, my fair child -
I am of an Age,
Unimaginable to your Human Mind,
And from a World,
Unrecognizable as your own.


2005-09-23 19:26:30 ET

wonderfuly written

2005-09-23 23:31:22 ET

Why thank you!!

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