Sex Test
2005-10-24 09:47:38 ET

Your sexual experience rates at 92%.
Virgin [||||||||||||||||||..] Slut
Your weirdness score is 46%.
Stereotypical [||||||||||..........] Totally unique
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2005-10-24 14:54:05 ET

Where have you been?

2005-10-24 15:13:22 ET

LOL, in all honesty, not with that many people, either. I guess it's just because I'm open-minded, and perhaps, because a decent number of my partners occured more than one at a time, heh. So I guess I'd be more "kinky" than "slutty"...

Shit, I've only had sex with ONE person I haven't loved first! with someone for 5 years does also SERIOUSLY increase your sexual experiance, especially when she was almost 15yrs older than you and had been with a woman for a decade before your relationship.... LOL!

2005-10-24 15:40:52 ET

HAHAHAHAHA. Oh man. I meant where have you been because you haven't posted in awhile.


2005-10-24 15:51:19 ET

lol, been spending a lot of time in Virginia, actually... lol (sorry if the first post was a little TMI for you, lol)

2005-10-24 15:56:19 ET

It wasn't, it just caught me off guard because I was like...hmmm...nice to know...?

Then I realized how my question could have been taken differently than intended in context. My bad. :P

2005-10-24 15:57:24 ET

lol, I don't mind... was QUITE humorous, actually! hehehe

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