2005-10-24 16:32:49 ET

Well, apparently my kitten Horus is a BIGGER perv. than I thought! He keeps trying to run off with my Whip, LOL! It's like his new favorite toy, hehehehe.

Oh, on a side note, today I found out that Tasteful Nudity, and a working knowledge of Psych. (as well as sociological knowledge of Psych. patients) makes you a "retard" and apparently an offensive asshole.... ...I also had it reaffirmed to me just how puritianical and quick to hostility and agression we as a society really are... scary shit.

2005-10-24 16:48:15 ET

I told you last night Horus and I have a seceret agreement ;P

2005-10-24 17:13:11 ET

R voilence
X sex

2005-10-24 17:23:01 ET

pardon? are you attributing 'Tasteful Nudity' with sex? ...because I am totally lost....

2005-10-24 18:33:36 ET


2005-10-25 06:28:19 ET

Um, well, there is a BIG difference... heh

2005-10-25 06:35:33 ET

just didn't want the competition

2005-10-25 06:44:32 ET


2005-10-25 06:48:11 ET

2005-10-25 06:51:25 ET

How about "Smoke a bowl and say 'Fuck it'..." LOL!

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