"This will not stand, man... This agression will not stand..."
2005-10-24 17:21:47 ET

Are we THAT repressed?

I know this country was founded by 'Puritanical Dickheads' and all, but the last time I checked, there were the Labour movements, The Civil Rights movement, the Sexual Liberation movement, the Equal Rights movements, the Sexual-Prefrence movement, tons and tons of Anti-War movements....

So, what, in the name of jumping-blue-jesus-on-a-pogo-stick is up with people?!? When did we all of a sudden become so uptight? ....and when did everything about the human form have to be looked at in a sexual nature? Had we not been cultured as a society? Have people just forgot? Please, tell me it's only another "Fad"....

Oh, and just one little thing. There's been this BIG hubbub about a perticular picture. My responce to it all: GET OVER IT! It's a Leg, people. We all have two of them. Yes, there is a grouping of muscle and flesh at the top of them we refer to as an Ass. If seening a icon-sized not-all-that-clear picture that ONE if the things in it happen to be the side of an ass really disturbes you THAT much - SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP! ...I'm not going to argue that the picture is decent art, or that it's aestheticly pleasing... Those are personal decisions. One thing I will say, no matter what your oppinion of it, it IS tasteful, and not improper in any way. You could get away with more on prime-time tv, even.

So please, "an't we all just get along......"

2005-10-24 17:24:32 ET

i couldn't agree more ...and quite frankly i think it's a beautiful picture

2005-10-24 17:26:36 ET

Well, you DO seem to be my "Partner in Crime" around here... LOL!

2005-10-24 17:27:35 ET

hehe but what a lovely team we make

wouldn't you agree?

2005-10-24 17:40:13 ET

;) We should go picking up chicks somnetime.... =P LOL!

2005-10-24 17:42:42 ET

only limber ones ;P

2005-10-24 17:49:30 ET

Nice! I like the way you think!

2005-10-24 19:29:17 ET

I don't think that people mind you ass. I think it's that people mind your avatar, which includes your ass.

If I remeber right the terms of service says no nudity and Avatars must be Safe for work and school so people feel safe visiting here.

While I may be fine with seeing your ass (which honestly I am) my boss.... most likely is not.

2005-10-24 19:41:38 ET

must be safe for work and school you say....well i remember not to long ago we had people posting avater of there bloody cut up wrists and when i complained (to admin) i got nothing more than a if you don't like it then block them

i did not however feel the need to personally attack them

2005-10-24 19:48:42 ET

welcome to the new america. thats the message people get today in video games ( violent games get a Teen or M rating sexual content gets an AO, adults only, rating), in the news media, on TV and in the ratings of movies ( gore gets pg-13 while sex gets an R )

Violence is simply more acceptable than sex *shrug*

2005-10-24 22:24:25 ET

I didn't even notice ass in your avatar. :-p There are some pretty riskay pictures of females as avatars around SK, too.

bloody cut up wrists? I must've missed something, I never saw that.

I've always thought the entire idea of 'work friendly' was rather silly, since if you're at work, shouldn't you be say, working, and not poking around on subkultures.net? :-p

2005-10-24 22:56:41 ET

I've always thought the entire idea of 'work friendly' was rather silly, since if you're at work, shouldn't you be say, working, and not poking around on subkultures.net?

not neccesarily at lunch time. besides we have several members that access from work and school only.

2005-10-25 04:16:30 ET

Why is it that everything that gets posted has to be contradicted in some way or another?? I'm not pointing fingers, and quite frankly, this has been coming for some time... but I think its safe to say that nobody on SK is a complete angel. If you don't like something, don't look at it! If it hunts you down and forces you to look at it, that's different... kill it! Erase it! Or as it applies to SK, block it! Move on with your lives! Do not DWELL on one image/statement/concept! Quite frankly, some people's children freak me out more than a naked ass... thats another story though. Just move along!!!

2005-10-25 04:52:59 ET

ah jade i wish i could give you a huge fucking hug right now....right on!

2005-10-25 06:30:55 ET

Exactly! Like come on! As I said before, it's fucking ICON sized, if it's offensive (even to a Boss) you must be using a magnifying glass, or have it like on a 42" screen or something, LOL!

2005-10-25 11:04:00 ET

You can only see a cheek..and to see it on a screen at work or school, you have to go into the gallery and look at it....on the avatar it looks to me like two female faces on each side of him...and frankly..I love the picture for that reason...cause I had to go in and look at it too see just what was there......by the way..nice ass! LOL!

2005-10-25 15:10:51 ET

:::Blushes::: Thank you!!

2005-10-27 16:20:11 ET

lol...your very welcome! ;) haha

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