More Weird Shit!
2005-10-25 15:52:02 ET

Found this in a folder of pics off a REALLY old and crappy digital cam. I have NO idea what it's SUPPOSED to be, so I'm not sure if the woman is SUPPOSED to be in the picture.
Though, it kind of looks like a picture of the Radiator in my Bedroom, which would be VERY weird, because I don't know anyone who looks ANYTHING like that who could have been in my room, nor is there anywhere to stand by the Radiator.

Sometimes it just feels like I am the 'Infinate Improbability Drive'

2005-10-26 05:40:01 ET

is it just me or is this "women" wearing some kind of fringy dress?

2005-10-26 10:38:34 ET

Yes.. it looks like it... You want to know something REALLY FUCKING WEIRD?!? The woman looks like my sister Jody, when she was young (and the dress is something she would have worn, too) - and Jody's the one who lived up here for like longer than I've been alive, and recently passed of breast cancer... kinda freaky...

2005-10-26 10:42:14 ET

i've always said that my brother (that passed away) still lives in my house. i swear i've seen him a few times, and he always had this thing about the door to his bedroom being closed all the time, and well whenever its open now it somehow closes on its own. i always thought it was kind of comforting though, to know he's still watching out for me. i'm sure if it's your sister she's doing the same.

2005-10-26 10:45:21 ET

LOL, probably stealing my booze, if I know Jody... HAH! (and I think I've told you, and probably even posted, that I've seen Aleister around on occasions after his passing).

2005-10-26 10:47:40 ET

hehe yea well i wouldn't be surprised if my brother was doing the same...its a good thing i dont have any acid in the house

and yea you told me about Aleister...that pretty kick ass that he's still around in some sense

2005-10-26 10:53:12 ET

Yeah, Wendy JUST got the stains out of the carpet where Jody bled on it from being drunk and falling down the stairs in the townhouse... lol

2005-10-26 13:58:17 ET

damn...i have some stories kinda like that about my brother when he was on acid

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