food, what a concept
2005-10-25 19:13:25 ET

Well, after realizing I couldn't remember the last time I ate, I nuked myself a Veggie Burger. It was so good I had a second. So, I actually ate today, and was healthy and whatnot... so I deserve a beer or two, right? LOL! =P

2005-10-25 19:20:04 ET

But OF COURSE!!!!!

Nothin' like a nuked Griller (Morningstar ROCKS!!!)

2005-10-25 20:15:00 ET

Yes! Morningstar is what I had! Except it was Spicy Black Bean.. heh

2005-10-25 20:33:10 ET

ha I wont tell you what I had for dinner then ;)

Do either of you work out? Just curious, as that tends to stir my appetite.

2005-10-25 20:48:21 ET

Yes, I get the bout of 'vigerous excersise' on occasion, heh.

2005-10-26 05:37:40 ET

only if you share them with me =P

2005-10-26 10:30:39 ET

Which, the beer, veggie burgers, or vigerous excersise? hehehehehe

2005-10-26 10:34:37 ET

all three of course =P

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