Sam's vocab word of the day! ...and I actually wormed in into a conversation today! yay!
2005-10-27 14:00:01 ET


1. The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge, its presuppositions and foundations, and its extent and validity.

2. the philosophical theory of knowledge

Horray for $12 words!! hehehehe

2005-10-27 18:42:22 ET

Weird I accually knew that.....

I feel strange...

2005-10-29 00:01:17 ET

hehehehe, see, isn't knowing big words fun? lol

2005-10-30 14:48:25 ET

It's really easy to use if you've ever read Ayn Rand (Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged).

2005-10-30 14:52:00 ET

yes, and to fall asleep! LOL!

2005-10-30 14:53:51 ET


Yeah, but they're still great stories. I'm currently reading the Fountainhead for the third time.
I love it. I have all of her published stories, even her early short stories and a few plays.

2005-10-30 14:57:30 ET

wow.. i was never that big of a fan...

2005-10-30 14:58:51 ET

I am... not so much of her philosophy because she's way too much of an extremist for my tastes but I like her writing style and the stories she tells... they make me giggle.

2005-10-30 14:59:38 ET

Yes, definatly a better story-teller than philosopher in my oppinion, as well!

2005-10-30 15:03:11 ET

Oh, don't get me wrong here... my personal philosophical views are similar to hers... but, like I said, she's too extreme to have her philosopy actually be realistic. but hey, that's from what she grew up in.

2005-10-31 16:23:35 ET

love those books kids love um

2005-11-02 08:17:29 ET

Again, not that big of a fan.... Great if you need to fall asleep, or learn how to write "self-obsessed" stereo instructions, or something...

2005-11-03 15:03:19 ET

Nah.. I just love to read. Mostly anything

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