another one, that is SO fitting for me...
2005-10-30 14:09:26 ET

Morphine and Chocolate
4 Non Blondes

Substitute my gloom with happiness
Substitute my sickness with health
Substitute my enemies with real good friends
Morphine & Chocolate are my
Substitute, substitutes
Morphine & Chocolate can bring me up
Can warm my heart whenever I want it
And every once in a while when I stop and think
Morphine & Chocolate are my
Substitute, substitutes
And you can say " Hey, we've really come a long way "
And you say " Hey, it can only be this way "
You might be careful, It really hurts when it's real
You might be careful, It really hurts when it's real
You'll go down, down, down, down, ooh !
Set the alarm clock, baby
Don't you miss the sun ?
I'm feeling really warm hearted baby
Don't you know I'm feeling like someone
I'm fearing for my life again and I am
Fearing for my heart
Morphine & Chocolate could never
Substitute my art !
And that's real love baby

2005-10-30 14:44:51 ET

haha just reading these lyrics and the lyrics in the last post totally bring make memories of being a little kid and rockin out in my room

2005-10-30 14:46:01 ET

LOL, you were like 5 when this album came out... lol, and I was already smoking pot... =P

2005-10-30 14:47:00 ET

haha when were you not smoking pot? i thought you came out of the womb with a joint

2005-10-30 14:47:51 ET

LOL! Right? The doctor's didn't have to slap me, I came out and immediatly bummed a light. =P

2005-10-30 14:48:46 ET

haha it wouldn't surpise me at all =P

2005-10-30 14:58:50 ET

nor i, lol "excuse me sir, but could I bum a light? It was all wet and slimy in there, and hard to get anything lit..." hehehehe

2005-10-30 14:59:40 ET

ewww haha

2005-10-30 15:01:00 ET


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