2005-11-02 08:39:00 ET

I'm out of commission here for a bit - have been since sunday... You know, with SARS and all..... heh

2005-11-02 08:48:26 ET

Well, lets not jump to conclusions.. It could just be the Pneumonic Plauge, of course....

2005-11-02 08:48:59 ET

or it could be bird flu...just to add to the excitement

2005-11-02 08:49:33 ET

Avian Flu!!! Ohhh! I get to be the index case!!! YAY!!!

2005-11-02 08:53:25 ET

whatever it is...don't forget my rule mr!

2005-11-02 08:59:50 ET

Maybe it's just Scarlet Fever.... heh

2005-11-02 09:01:13 ET

oh thats all? well in that case =P

2005-11-02 09:06:25 ET

Yeah, I don't have the 'Aches' for it to be 'Dengue Fever'.... heh

2005-11-02 10:01:42 ET

grab yourself some oregano oil.

2005-11-02 10:21:00 ET


2005-11-03 16:58:03 ET

it helps shorten the sickness and keeps you from getting sick.

2005-11-03 22:20:46 ET

hmm, odd, never heard of that one before...

2005-11-04 10:40:41 ET

thats what I get from working at a health store, but some of it actually works and comes in handy.

2005-11-04 14:44:45 ET

I should just get off my lazy ass and brew some Mullien<sp?>...

2005-11-04 18:23:29 ET

mullien? what be that?

2005-11-04 19:49:29 ET

An herb that is WONDERFUL for the respritory track....

2005-11-07 11:57:34 ET

ahhh, I knew that... I was just testing you..

2005-11-07 11:57:56 ET


2005-11-07 11:58:27 ET

<-- getting drunk.

2005-11-07 11:58:48 ET

Oooo! On what?

2005-11-07 12:01:09 ET

jagermeister. 'tis all that is in this appartment. And.. I'm in Boston.

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